For many people looking to study the longsword (long sword, or long-sword), it brings up the question about what is a longsword? Although it may seem a simple question, researching through historical evidence of sword masters throughout the centuries there are some differences of opinion and no clear answer that is agreed upon by all sources. In general, when defining what is a longsword it is commonly used to refer to a sword that can be used and wielded with two hands on the grip. However, it is noted that there are some differences between varying definitions between different eras, the longsword, bastard sword, a two handed swords, etc. depending on the manuscript, text and source of information.

The longsword was also referred to as the medieval long sword or Hand and a Half sword, and the length generally measured from 40 inches to 48 inches, with the handle measuring 10-15 inches.  For a full list of parts of a sword and parts of a longsword, check out our article here.